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The first Field of Fame is located at Jamieson Place, Plus 15 level of 308 – 4th Avenue SW (4th Ave & 2nd St SW).


Jamieson Place honours these champions

Henry Wise Wood (1860 To 1941)

Henry Wise Wood (1860 to 1941)

Henry Wise Wood was born in Missouri in 1860 and in 1905 like many Americans moved to Alberta because of the availability of cheap land in Canada. He bought a wheat…

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Chief Walking Buffalo (1871 To 1967)

Chief Walking Buffalo (1871 to 1967)

"To the missionary who adopted him, he was George McLean; in Stoney language, he was known as Tatanga Mani; to the world he was Walking Buffalo." (Whyte Museum Blogspot 2011)…

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Arthur Ryan Smith (1919 To 2008)

Arthur Ryan Smith (1919 to 2008)

Arthur Smith, O.C., A.O.E, D.F.C, Order of Merit (Hungary), LLD (Hon.) was born and raised in Calgary, and moved to Turner Valley when he was sixteen to work in the…

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Maude Riley (1882 To 1962)

Maude Riley (1882 to 1962)

Maude (Keen) Riley grew up in Perth County, Ontario and became a teacher through the Ontario Normal School. Upon gaining her certification, she accepted a position to teach at Nose…

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Bessie (Betty) Mitchell (1896 To 1976)

Bessie (Betty) Mitchell (1896 to 1976)

Bessie (Betty) Mitchell was born in Ohio, USA, in 1896, moving to Alberta with her family in 1912. She completed high school by correspondence, attended the Normal School in Calgary…

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W.O. Mitchell (1914 To 1998)

W.O. Mitchell (1914 to 1998)

W.O., the only Canadian writer known by his initials alone, was one of Canada's best loved story tellers. Who Has Seen the Wind has become the classic Canadian prairie novel…

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Dr. Clara Christie Might (1895 To 1987)

Dr. Clara Christie Might (1895 to 1987)

Clara Christie was born in Winchester, Ontario, in 1895 and her family moved to Calgary in 1903. After a four month course at Calgary Normal School at age 20, Clara…

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Nellie McClung (1873 To 1951)

Nellie McClung (1873 to 1951)

Nellie McClung is one of the most famous women's rights activists in Canadian history. Known for her dynamic and engaging public speeches and numerous books, she disarmed most audiences with…

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Frederick C Mannix (1913 To 1995)

Frederick C Mannix (1913 to 1995)

Frederick Charles Mannix was born on October 21, 1913 in Edmonton, Alberta. His father was a construction pioneer from Manitoba who moved his contracting business to Edmonton in 1905 to…

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The Honourable Ernest C. Manning (1908 To 1996)

The Honourable Ernest C. Manning (1908 to 1996)

Ernest Charles Manning, PC, COC, AOE, was the eighth Premier of Alberta. A co-founder of the province's Social Credit party, he served between 1943 and 1968, longer than any premier…

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Jamieson Place Photos

Here are some photos from the Field of Fame  unveiling at Jamieson Place  and the celebration of student contest winners.

Alberta & Calgary Historical Figures

These individuals that were important to Calgary & Alberta history were featured in the 2015 student essay & multimedia project contest:

  • Alice Jamieson
  • David Crowchild
  • Eric Harvie
  • Patrick Burns
  • R.B. Bennett
  • James Macleod

We received many entries for each of these figures, though not all were necessarily featured among the winners’ projects.

We feature figures that were important to business history, political history, early settlement and exploration, community development, the First Nations, and to women in Calgary, as well as to the growth of Alberta as a province contributing significantly to Canada as a country.

See Field of Fame #1 for more information about theses Alberta Champions.